Tuesday, January 3, 2012

My habit for the month

So far this writing goals down is really working for me;) I feel like I have some accountability, even if it's just to myself! I see some other people are stopping by too, don't be afraid to comment! I'd love some company :)

One thing I really struggle with is fast food. There. I said it. I have serious issues. I have gotten into the HORRIBLE habit of getting breakfast at Chick fil A or McDonalds after dropping the girls at school in the morning. Some days I don't even want to eat it, but it's there and it's habit so I get it anyways and consume probably 600-900 calories and ridiculous amounts of sugar to start of my day. Not good!

Obviously, this needs to stop. I have some other weight and health issues I've struggled with and this habit certainly isn't helping. I'm not going to say I want to lose xx pounds anymore, it obviously doesn't work for me. Small changes will add up though. So this month I plan to not eat breakfast that I didn't prepare no more than once a week. Nothing wrong with a treat every once in a while, right? For now I'm going to pick 3 easy breakfasts I can make quickly and rotate between those. They won't be nutritionally perfect in any way, but I don't think any one would disagree they are better than my previous option!!

1. Toast with peanut butter and a few peanuts---a childhood favorite!
2. Smoothie with frozen fruit and a little bit of oj or yogurt---my kids love them too!
3. A scrambled egg with a piece of toast---sometimes I just like eggs :)

Now to deal with temper tantrum my 2 year old is going to throw when he realizes we aren't stopping for donut holes on the way to preschool anymore!

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